Real Estate Closing Costs In Massachusetts

As we were sufring around the net, we found a very helpful blog article on  It is a guide to what buyers and sellers can expect to pay in closing costs in Massachusetts.

People always ask us what they can expect their closing costs to be when they purchase or sell real estate in and around Boston, MA.  Below is Luxury Residential Group’s quick guide, outlining the closing costs for both buyers and sellers.

For Buyers:

  • Attorney Fees – $400-$2000+ (Varies from attorney to attorney)
  • Filing Fees – $125 Deed +$175 Mortgage(If cash deal this is not applicable) + $65 Municipal Lien Certificate = $365
  • Title Insurance – $2.50-$4.00/$1,000 of Loan amount(Closer to $4.00/$1,000 if cash deal)

For Sellers:

  • Attorney Fee – $750-$2000+ depending on who you use
  • Tax/Transfer stamps – $4.56/$1,000
  • Mortgage discharge – $100
  • Filing fee – $75
  • Record 6D** Certificate – $75
  • Fire Inspection – $50 (Charged by the city)
  • Broker commission – Separate agreement between Seller and their Real Estate Agent

**6D Certificate is a document from the condominium association showing that all condo fees and special assessments have been paid in full prior to closing.